PT. Gesuri Lloyd Batam is completely aware that every single vessel is unique and has different needs between one and another due to their purposes. And we are proud of our expertise in servicing all types of vessels. Providing  full range of basic CIQP services, and other special arrangements to fulfill those needs.

We do basic Inward/Outward C.I.Q.P clearance as a mandatory service an agent does, which covers all activities to comply local regulations from pre-arrival to post-departure of a vessel.  But we do not stop there, we also provide other services,  but not limited to,  Superior Vessel Agency attendance , Vessel and Crews husbandry services throughout Batam area, Loading and Discharging Supervision,  Dry Docking and Repair Supervision and many more.

And in regard to the application of the cabotage principle, in which not to authorize non-Indonesian nationality vessels to operate in Indonesian territory, we provide a special service to arrange change of nationality of a vessel into Indonesian nationality. This services including arrangement  to publish certificate of ownership, Nationality certificate and other Trading certificates, VAT Exemption during importing the vessel and Import permit itself in Kepulauan Riau area.